That Charming Shop

A ethical, scented home and beauty product manufacturer requiring branding and packaging design

Clean, natural, chemical free and hand-made were the unique selling features of this Winchester based company. These became the basis by which we approached all aspects of the design, with the logo taking shape first. With many applications to consider, including the logo being used as a stamp directly onto some products, we arrived at the round logo. The design of which also harking back to the classic trade logos of the past where they would have used old methods of manufacture, rather than the mas production found with most products available on the market today. Methods that ‘That Charming Shop’ were using today.

The packaging design continued the clean, minimal theme. The greatest challenge being the numerous scents available in each product range. To get around this, for those products, we conceived a set of boxes which could remain plain, but featured a snug fitting sleeve which featured all branding and scent details. Everything from sourcing the frosted glass and metal lids for the candles, through to arranging the printing was planned and executed for the client.

We highly recommend checking out the candles in particular! The Mulled Wine Candle being a particular studio favourite!